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The Skinny On Lipozene


Updated June 23, 2014

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    You've seen the LIPOZENE ads on TV: "Reduce pounds of body fat and weight without a change in lifestyle." All you have to do is take up to two LIPOZENE capsules, three times a day before each meal, for a total daily maximum dosage of six capsules. Oh, and there are clinical studies to back up the product!

    Sound too good to be true? Well, it is!

    LIPOZENE is not the wonder drug its manufacturer claims it to be once you read the small print. Ever notice that the small print never remains on the television screen long enough for you to read it? The reason is the advertisers know that if you actually read it, you'll see how nonsensical their product is. Fortunately, due to the advance of DVR, you can now rewind, pause, or fast forward any commercial or show.

    Allow me to be your pause button! Please note that all the LIPOZENE claims below are taken from actual commercials. Here's the small print on LIPOZENE:

    • LIPOZENE claim 1: Clinically proven to lose pounds of body fat and weight.

    • Small print: Average of 3.86 lbs of fat loss over an 8-week university study.

      My verdict: Because three (nearly four) pounds is more than one pound, the plural "pounds" is technically correct. But figuratively, let's get real. When someone says "pounds of body fat," most people don't think of a mere four pounds. More importantly, a four pound weight loss over a two month time period? A move in the right direction, but nothing to write home about.
    • LIPOZENE claim 2: You don't have to change your life, just take LIPOZENE, that's it.

      Small print: Diet and exercise are advised.

      My verdict: To the makers of Lipozene, specifically the Obesity Research Institute, I have one simple request. Please show us some undoctored before and after pictures of good results of people who have used LIPOZENE without changing their diet and exercise patterns. Every person in the LIPOZENE commercials is shown only from the shoulders up.
    • LIPOZENE claim 3: Liposuction is dangerous.

      Small print: Results not equal to liposuction.

      My verdict: The Obesity Research Institute, the maker of LIPOZENE, is attempting to scare consumers about liposuction. Like any other cosmetic procedure liposuction has risks. Overall, it is a procedure that can be done safely. Of course, proper diet and exercise are necessary after liposuction to maintain results.
    • LIPOZENE claim 4: Data supported by clinical double-blind study done at a "major university."
    • Small print: The "major university" is never named!

      My verdict: Most universities are itching to publish data that is groundbreaking and truthful. Good research brings notoriety and money. So then why is the "major university" unnamed? Trust me, the anonymity is not in the name of modesty. Something smells fishy here.

    In conclusion, save your money. LIPOZENE costs $29.95 plus shipping and handling for 60 capsules. At their suggestion of six capsules a day, this will last for ten days. This adds up to approximately $90.00 month plus shipping and handling. You can find a monthly gym membership for less than that.

    For those who can't bear to exercise and want to do the least amount of work possible, consider this. It takes a 3500 calorie deficit to lose one pound. To lose the four pounds in eight weeks that LIPOZENE boasts about, you need to create a 14,000 calorie deficit total. You can do this by eating just 230 less per day for those 8 weeks. That's one candy bar!

    But if for those who can't bear to give up that candy bar and wish to limit their exercise to lifting the remote, then LIPOZENE may be a perfect fit!

    Or if you're an appropriate candidate, you can always consider liposuction. (That's the plastic surgeon in me talking).

    Oh, one more thing.

    LIPOZENE also claims that all negative press is "simply biased information from competitors" or "people are upset their credit cards were declined."

    A good product doesn't have to devote a webpage to defending its reputation.

    And I am neither a competitor nor has my credit card been declined, as I haven't attempted to purchase this product!

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