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Plastic Surgery – “As Seen On TV” Products: DREAM LOOK INSTANT EYE LIFT

Younger Eyes Without Surgery?


Updated December 11, 2012

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It has been said that “the eyes are the window to the soul.” They can often convey more information than words, as they're one of the most prominent features of the face, and are used to connect people with one another. So to be told “you look tired” when you’re not — because of aging changes around the eyes — is enough to drive a person mad!

The blepharoplasty procedure can be used to remove excess, sagging skin from the eyes, and to remove bags and fat from the eye area. The recovery from this type of procedure includes swelling and bruising, which can take weeks to fully resolve. So is there a non-surgical alternative to brighten and rejuvenate your eyes? THE SALON SHOPPE has a product called DREAM LOOK INSTANT EYE LIFT that may fit the bill.


Please note that all the DREAM LOOK INSTANT EYE LIFT claims below are taken directly from the DREAM LOOK INSTANT EYE LIFT website.
  1. Guaranteed dramatic results.
  2. Takes years off your appearance.
  3. Dramatically shapes and defines your eyes.
  4. Instant results.

2. Why They State You Need Their Product

DREAM LOOK INSTANT EYE LIFT is a safe and effective way to help you “regain that youthful, fresh look you’ve always wanted.”

3. How It Works

A clear crescent-shaped adhesive strip, which they refer to as an “invisible lift,” is placed onto the skin of the upper eyelid to support the droopy skin. A small amount of eye lift gel is then applied to the strip before placing it into the crease of the eye. The purpose of the gel is to retain the strong adhesion, and to allow reapplication of the lift during the application process. This is to prevent too much pulling on the skin, or loss of adhesion.

4. Ingredients

DREAM LOOK INSTANT EYE LIFT is made of 100% medical grade, hypoallergenic material. The adhesive on the DREAM LOOK lifts are also 100% medical grade, hypoallergenic material. The gel that is placed on the adhesive is petrolatum-based. There is no latex in the product, per the website.

5. End Result

According to the customers on the website, DREAM LOOK INSTANT EYE LIFT instantly makes eyes open and bigger, helps take away bags and wrinkles, lifts the hood, gives the eye more shape, and makes you look years younger.

It is a temporary fix for drooping eyelids. The product can be used daily. While the website does state the look will last as long as the invisible lift is on, it does not mention exactly how long the invisible lift will stay adhered to the skin.

6. When To Expect Results

Per the DREAM LOOK INSTANT EYE LIFT website, amazing results are immediate upon applying the product.

7. Price

DREAM LOOK INSTANT EYE LIFT costs $19.95 for 64 invisible-lift adhesives. Shipping and processing is $7.95. The company is offering 64 bonus lifts at no additional cost, but you will need to pay an additional $7.95 for shipping and processing of the bonus lifts — that's 128 lifts total.

You can also sign up for the Dream Look Club and get 64 invisible lifts every 30 days. The program starts two months after your initial order. The cost is lowered to $14.95 plus $4.95 shipping and processing every month.

8. Research/Studies

There is no research, nor are there any studies, mentioned in relation to the DREAM LOOK INSTANT EYE LIFT.

9. Advantages and Disadvantages

  1. No major or minor invasive procedure involved, such as blepharoplasty.

  2. No prescription is required.

  3. No known side effects.

  4. Eliminates “tired” look without surgery.

  5. Can take “10-15 years off your look” without surgery.
  1. Becoming a Dream Look Club member can become quite expensive. Depending on how long a person uses the DREAM LOOK INSTANT EYE LIFT, eye lid surgery may be cheaper in the long run.

  2. Having to place the invisible lifts on the eyes daily may become tedious.

  3. Gel and tugging on the delicate eye area to apply the invisible lift may cause irritation. It may even worsen the condition of the eye skin with the repetitive daily pulling.

  4. The look lasts only as long as the DREAM LOOK INSTANT EYE LIFT is applied.

  5. The invisible lift may be visible on people with prominent eyes (eyes that bulge out more from the eye socket). The product is best on those with deep-set eyes.

  6. The invisible lift may be visible on people with very short eyelids (the eyelid cannot accommodate the width of the lift) and on those with very long eyelids in which there really is no eye crease to hide the invisible lift.

  7. You need to continue using DREAM LOOK INSTANT EYE LIFT for an effect.

10. Verdict

DREAM LOOK INSTANT EYE LIFT does not claim to be more than it is: a temporary means to improve the appearance of drooping eyelids. It appears to work well on the people featured on their website, who are candid about which types of eyes this will work best on. The one downside, as I mentioned above, is that it may become quite tedious to apply the product daily. Otherwise, for people who are surgery-averse, this may be an ideal alternative.

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