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Is a Labiaplasty Safe?


Updated May 18, 2011

Question: Is a Labiaplasty Safe?
Answer: There are risks with any form of surgery, and a labiaplasty, although considered relatively safe, is no different. Along with the usual surgical risks such as a reaction to anesthesia and infection, there are risks that are specific to having a labiaplasty. These include:

  • Bleeding: Due to the large number of blood vessels within the labia
  • Nerve Damage: Hypersensitivity (increased sensitivity) or loss of sensation that impairs sexual arousal and pleasure
  • Tight Scars: Makes vaginal penetration painful
  • Painful Scarring: Lasting pain in scars
  • Incision Breakdown: Opening of an incision before it is fully healed
  • Asymmetry: Labia do not appear equal in shape
  • Unacceptable Cosmesis: Dissatisfaction with the final appearance

It is important that you ask your surgeon any questions that you might have regarding the risks of a labiaplasty.

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