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You may already have your mind made up that a procedure is right for you. Or, you could be on the fence. Regardless, it's important to take time before a plastic surgery procedure to learn your options, what to expect, and what you need to do to prepare. Remember, too, that plastic surgery requires recovery and post-op care that is as important to the process.
  1. Before Surgery - Making the Decision
  2. After Surgery - Recovery & Post-Op Care
  3. Before & After Photo Galleries
  4. Plastic Surgery Reading List - Book Reviews

Before Surgery - Making the Decision

Plastic surgery is surgery. Procedures carry risks and rewards, and all need to be weighed carefully before going under the knife. Learning what to ask, what procedures actually involve, and what makes a surgeon best qualified to perform a surgery is time that's not just well spent, but crucial.

After Surgery - Recovery & Post-Op Care

Don't make the mistake of thinking you will hop out of bed the day after surgery feeling just like your old self. There are very real after effects of plastic surgery, both physical and emotional. Learn how to care for yourself properly following surgery, and when to call your doctor.

Before & After Photo Galleries

Plastic surgery outcomes vary from person to person, surgeon to surgeon. Knowing the variety of final results that are possible can help you better communicate your desires to your doctor and manage your expectations.

Plastic Surgery Reading List - Book Reviews

Research is so important for anyone considering plastic surgery. You need to think and learn about the physical and emotional aspects of your decision to have surgery. Read reviews of books on this topic of plastic surgery written by plastic surgery patients, medical professionals, and celebrities.

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