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The world of plastic surgery is changing quickly, with technological advances in both surgical equipment and techniques. Newer techniques including laser-assisted and endoscopic surgery allow for surgery that is safer and more effective, with less trauma and less recovery time for the patient.
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Common Anti-Aging Myths
Learn all about common anti-aging myths from a plastic surgeon.

Bad Scars
Not all bad scars are "keloid" scars. Learn all about different scar types.

How to Get Rid of Bra Bulge
Bra bulge and fat rolls of the back can be a very embarrassing problem for some women. So how does a woman get rid of bra bulge? There are three different solutions to this problem.

Skin Resurfacing at Home
Don't have the cash flow for skin resurfacing in a medical setting? Or do you just prefer to perform your beauty regimen in the privacy of your own home? Find out the latest at-home skin resurfacing remedies.

Rejuveskin Before & After Photos
View this photo gallery hosted by the official website for Rejuveskin, and view before and after photos of women who have undergone this surgical cellulite reduction procedure.

Plasma Skin Resurfacing
Plasma skin resurfacing represents the very latest in anti-aging technology. This technology brief, provided by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, will give you an overview of one of the newest procedures designed to make you look younger.

Safety Tips for Laser and Light Based Procedures
The American Society for Laser Medicine and Sugery offers saftey tips for patients considering cosmetic laser and light-based device procedures.

Rejuveskin: A Surgical Answer for Cellulite?
Nine out of ten women suffer with cellulite. If you're one of them, it could be worth learning more about a new cosmetic surgical procedure, called Rejuveskin, which has shown impressive initial results in the war on cellulite.

How Long Should I Wait Between Laser Tattoo Removal Sessions?
How much time is needed between sessions when undergoing laser tattoo removal? The answer may surprise you, especially when you find out that it is not actually the laser itself that removes the ink. The laser simply breaks up the ink into tiny fragments which are then able to be removed by your own immune system. This process takes time, so be patient.

Nonlaser Cosmetic Procedures
Not all cosmetic "laser" procedures are what they seem, because many of the procedures we think of, when speaking of laser procedures, don't really use lasers at all, although they seek to achieve the same results as similar laser-based procedures. These procedures include light-based treatments, such as Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) photofacials, LED photorejuvenation and Titan infrared skin tightening, as well as non-light-based procedures, such as Thermage, which is based on radio frequency.

Cosmetic Laser Procedures - Decoding Laser-Speak
Cosmetic laser procedures are performed using a wide variety of different types of lasers to address a wide variety of cosmetic skin concerns, which include skin tightening, skin resurfacing and more.

How Many Sessions Will it Take to Remove My Tattoo?
Laser tattoo removal is not like a magic wand to get rid of unwanted ink. Almost all tattoos require multiple sessions for removal. How many times will you need to go under the laser? The answer is not that simple.

Can a Laser Really Get Rid of My Stretch Marks?
Stretch marks are a fact of life, and everyone who has them asks, "how can I get rid of my stretch marks?" With the rise of cosmetic laser procedures, many are hopeful that laser treatments such as skin resurfacing will be able to remove stretch marks.

Meet REX - A Longer-Lasting Alternative to Botox
There is a new Botox alternative for people who want to reduce or eliminate frown lines. It is called Relaxed Expressions (REX for short) and its wrinkle smoothing effects last up to 18 months. Formerly known as GFX or NoTox, this radiofrequency based procedure is not yet widely available, but is gaining popularity as an alternative to Botox.

Skin Resurfacing With Chemical Peels
Wondering how to improve the appearance of your skin without plastic surgery. Learn about the different types of chemical peels performed by plastic surgeons.

Skin Resurfacing With Lasers
Do you have wrinkles but don’t want to have surgery? Have you wondered if laser resurfacing or laser peels are right for you? Learn more about the different methods of laser skin resurfacing to improve your skin.

Skin Resurfacing With Dermabrasion
Dermabrasion? Microdermabrasion? Laser Peel? Chemical Peel? Which type of skin resurfacing method is right for you? Read about it here.

Skin Resurfacing with Microdermabrasion
Microdermabrasion can be a good way to improve the appearance of your skin without plastic surgery. Learn all about this type of skin resurfacing and how it’s different from dermabrasion.

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