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Celebrity Plastic Surgery

From info-tainment shows like Discovery's "Plastic Surgery Before & After"...to reality shows like "Dr. 90210" and "Extreme Makeover"... From the celebrity gossip shows that tell us who had what augmented, sucked, or snipped...to the deliciously naughty drama of Nip/Tuck... There has never been a better time for all you plastic surgery devotees to get your fix.

What Do You Think of Michael Jackson's Plastic Surgery
It is no secret that Michael Jackson had plastic surgery, though he himself admitted only to having rhinoplasty. What do you think of Michael Jackson's plastic surgery? What procedures do you think he had? Did he go too far? When did he look his best? Should his doctors have said no? Or do you think Michael Jackson looked better after all his plastic surgery?

Be a Virtual Cosmetic Surgeon
Have some fun with E Online and Dr. 90210. Play "celebrity face lift" and create the "perfect" face by combining and refining the features of Hollywood's beauty A-listers.

ABC.com: Extreme Makeover
Visit the official website for the ABC hit "Extreme Makeover". View before and after photos, read patient bios. and learn about the members of the extreme team. You can even apply to be on the show.

The Many Faces of Michael Jackson
See photos of Michael Jackson from 1972 to 2009 that demonstrate how his face changed over the years allegedly as a result of multiple plastic surgery procedures.

Nip/Tuck: The Sexy Side of Plastic Surgery
Visit the official website for Nip/Tuck, the first television drama set in a plastic surgery practice. This show takes a look at the sexy, sometimes sleazy side of the quest for "physical perfection".

Countin 'Em Down From 10 to 1
Who doesn't wish (at least every once in a while) that they could look like a star? While Salma Hayak may not be everyone's cup of tea, I have spent many an envious moment admiring her bodily proportions... But maybe you're more of a Julia Roberts wanna-be. Either way, we're not alone in our covetous fantasies. Plastic surgeons receive these kinds of requests every day.

Wanna Look Like a Star?
Stars are no strangers to plastic surgery, even though they are usually sporting looks very close to what the rest of us would like to see as our "after". Here are some things to consider before you start clipping out those celebrity photos.

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