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Most Desired Celebrity Looks

Counting Them Down From 10 to 1


Updated December 19, 2007

Who doesn't wish (at least every once in a while) that they could look like a star? While Salma Hayak may not be everyone's cup of tea, I have spent many an envious moment admiring her bodily proportions... But maybe you're more of a Julia Roberts wanna-be. Either way, we're not alone in our covetous fantasies. Plastic surgeons receive requests every day from every day Janes who long for the pouty lips of a hot young starlet. Who are the owners of the most-requested celebrity parts? Read on.

10. Most Requested Celebrity Chin

Heath Ledger for the guys, Eva Longoria for the ladies

9. Most Requested Celebrity Legs

Cameron Diaz

8. Most Requested Celebrity Jaw Line

For the ladies, it’s Keira Knightley; for the guys, it’s Matt Damon.

7. Most Requested Celebrity Breasts

3-way tie between Jessica Simpson, Salma Hayak, and Hillary Swank

6. Most Requested Celebrity Buns

No big surprises here---It's J-Lo & Jessica Biehl tied, with Beyonce at a close 3rd.

5. Most Requested Celebrity Nose

Jessica Alba (also a contender in the “backside” category), followed closely by Nicole Kidman

4. Most Requested Celebrity Cheekbones

Halle Berry for the ladies, Johnny Depp for the guys

3. Most Requested Celebrity Skin

Nicole Kidman (Does anyone else remember the freckle-faced, crinkly-nosed fiery redhead she was when she first burst onto the Hollywood scene? One can only assume her shiny-smooth, flawless peaches-and-cream complexion is the result of a combination of chemical and / or laser peels…not to mention a good deal of Botox.)

2. Most Requested Celebrity Eyes

Scarlett Johansson---Gorgeous

1. Most Requested Celebrity Lips

It’s another tie. Angelina Jolie & Scarlett Johannson take top honors.

source: poll conducted by Natalie Kita, your About.com guide to plastic surgery

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