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Readers Respond: Have You Been a Victim of Bad Plastic Surgery?

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Updated April 02, 2010

Have you had a bad experience with plastic surgery? Bad plastic surgery can be plastic surgery that just didn't quite turn out right, like a bad face lift (can you say "pulled too tight"?) or bad boob job (the two-grapefruits-stuck-on-the-chest look), or something more serious, like permanent nerve damage, severe deformity, or even death. Have you been a victim of plastic surgery gone wrong? Has someone you loved paid too high a price in the pursuit of beauty?

Please note that doctors' names and/or website links will not be published.

Bad Brow Lift

My friend had fought with Alopecia Areata for so long that he developed Body Dysmorphia. Between stress and BD, he opted for a brow lift. He keeps saying he only wanted to lift the brows up a little, and told the doc to not take any muscle out. So sad... The doctor butchered his deep set eyes, took out a lot of muscle, and now my friend is desperate and suicidal. He's now on disabilty too. It destroyed his life.
—Guest Chris

The doll look

I had a tummy tuck I've mentioned here before. I won't go into details on the immediate increased size but the navel was place very high and to the right. I cried off and on for two days over this. He tried to correct the problem but the navel is still very high. Everyone notices. I'm scared to ever have anything done in Belgium again. Medical tourism is not always a good idea even though some of these guys have very good credentials. I was promised the world and got a crappy job and the surgeon had the guts to blame it on me. He did not even do all I paid him to do but I"m not willing to go through anymore pain to get it redone. If you have surgery in other countries it's likely you won't get your money back on botch jobs. I didn't.

Mecial tourism surgery gone bad...

I had liposculpture and a tummy tuck, brachioplasty and lipo of my chin. I knew the first hour after the surgery that something was not quite right due to the huge lump across my midsection. It was never there before but after surgery I had a large hard stomach. The doctor said it would be gone within a few months or so. From the day of the surgery I had diarrhea and after that, chronic diarrhea and the large area that seemed to be implanted was numb and I never gained feeling in it. After 4 months, I was still the same size in every area the surgeon worked on. My husband took me back to him and he had lost my before photos and had forgotten what areas he'd worked on. Apparently no good records were kept. He offered to redo the surgeries but forgot to redo the chin. It's the same as before the first surgery. He removed the large pot belly look he installed the first time and I now am thinner only 2 weeks after the surgery but the diarrhea continues. I've found another doctor.

Tummy Tuck full of blood

Tummy tuck done Feb 9, 2009. Pics taken next day were wonderful.Feb 12 I called Dr. B's nurse (documented by the nurse) to tell her the compression garment did not fit anymore. I did not know it, but I was growing what was to be a hematoma in excess of a quart (over 32 oz). With each visit, I asked why my belly was growing and why so much pain. The belly looked like there was a basketball inside. A CT scan showed a herniated umbilicus, and mass (hematoma)was located between the abdomen wall and the outside skin; exactly where the work was done. The Dr. kept telling me that it was inflammation. He finally drained part of it 9 mths after the surgery. 22 oz of dark red blood. He then told me to move on with my life, and would not even acknowledge the other part of the hematoma. That part was drained in Jan 2010, 11 mths after the procedure. After they gave him the 1st CT scan, he cancelled my appt. I have begged, written, and called-no help. Now I believe the hematoma is refilling again.
—Guest Ali

What Went Wrong? (Bad Nose Job)

I just had endoscopic sinus surgery and REVISION rhynoplastiy 5 weeks ago by two surgeons in NYC. My cosmetic surgeon is board certified in both Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and in Head and Neck Surgery. Anyway soon as I got home I could tell even with all my packing that there was asymmetry. When they romoved my packing it was very swollen which is normal but on one side of my nose it was crooked, bigger nostril, higher, and to top all this I have a huge deep hole like on that same side. When I met with him the following week to removed my cast I asked what it is, can we fix it? The only answers I have been getting from him so far are we will monitor it, tissues heal differently, if it's still the same in a year we will talk about it. He doesn't talk to me, and I have found out from my other surgeon that my hole would be easy to fix I need cartilage there and that felt for the first time a small relieved and some hope. 1 YEAR to live like this. Just lost a year of my life
—Guest Dieselle

Bad Plastic Surgery

Everyday I hate my face. It is the first thing I see in the mirror. I was pretty, now I just look weird. I have tried therapy, medications etc. It has been 4 years. I have anxiety attacks on a regular basis. I loathe myself for my decision. I hate my life and my face. It is the first thing I see in the morning and no escape from this nightmare. I can barely hold down employment. I live in hell everyday. My social life is gone and I have an agonizing existence. So think twice before you move ahead with it. I got cajoled at a weak time in my life. They prey on womens vulnerability.

Bad Plastic Surgery - Neck Lift

Do not let anyone do a "Z cut" procedure for cosmetic surgery! Extremely painful - during and after. A cosmetic surgeon in Galveston said he could correct a "turkey wattle" by doing a z cut and I would have no apparent scarring. 4 1/2 years later, I have a huge Z shaped scar that makes people wince and ask "What happened to you?", and severe skin discoloration down the front of my neck. I also have a lump of skin that hangs down under the tip of my chin. I hate the whole look!! Corrective surgery is cost prohibitive.
—Guest abbey.islander

Bad Boob Job

I had a breast reduction 8/2008. The plastic surgeon who did mine did not know what he was doing. I was a 44-JJ and now I'm a 44b on one side and 44A on the other. On the left side the breast is deformed. I have to have four surgeries to put me back together somewhat. I was very suicidal in the beginning. When I asked my doctor whey he did this he got up and walked out of the exam room.
—Guest colleen

Bad Tummy Tuck

I had a bad tummy tuck and got two bad holes in my stomach. I have to pack them every day 3 times a day. Can someone please tell me what to do? My stomach is very hard. I had my surgery done in July.
—Guest serena

Bad Rhytidectomy (Face Lift)

I can only say that after my rhytidectomy, my life pretty much ended. My doctor didn't have enough talent and didnt understand the nuances of the human face. He tried to make me look like I was 21 when I was 50. He pullled too much tissue away from my face. The irony is I wanted my jowels removed and they ended returning 4 months after surgery. I lost my relationship with my son, I'm broke financially, lost a job because of depression and anxiety related to my obvious appearance concerns. The surgery took place in California by a reconstructive surgeon [surgeon's name removed]. I had no idea [he] didnt have enough experience. Plastic surgery needs to be regulated to protect the public. I was a victim of his lack of experience in this particular procedure and his negligence in not disclosing to me all the particulars involved. In public, the stares and grimacing by others is difficult to bear. Did I pay him for that? Now I'm disabled.
—Guest zack

Suicide After a Bad Nose Job

My firend recently commited suicide after having an really bad nosejob.I cry for her every day. There was nothing wrong with her nose from the beginning. It was a little bigger than average, yes, but it fit her face. After rhinoplasty she got very apparent dents on her tip a scooped out bridge but not really a smaller nose just a strange looking nose. She was devastated! Her parents tried to calm her down but she jumped in front of a train one year ago. The surgeon said that it sometimes heals wrong and that he didn't do anything wrong and she should be happy with the outcome. I hate that butcher who destroyed my friend's face.
—Guest Jojo

Really Bad Tummy Tuck

My friend had surgery from [surgeon's name removed] in New York. He left a scar nearly one inch thick and the belly button one inch off-center. Soon after he tried to offer a payment with out involving lawyers. After 14 months the judgement went in her favor for 1.5 million.
—Guest Tummy

My Mother's Breast Implant Disaster

I didn't know my mom had breast implants until when I was in high school, something went wrong and she had to have them removed. But when they removed them, she sort of lost one breast. She had a bra with padding to make up for it. She never talked about it, it was kept a secret from us, but we knew. I still don't know all the details, however, I remember as a child, the entire thing freaked me out. It upset me that she felt like she needed implants, it upset me that in the end they made her look worse, it upset me that she kept it secret from us, even when things went wrong. It was a mess. If you're a mom getting plastic surgery, TALK TO YOUR KIDS. They know, and it's worse when you don't sit down and explain things.
—Guest Abby

Known Complications of Tummy Tuck

My friend had a tummy tuck after giving birth to her twins. She wound up with a hole in her abdomen and loads of antibiotics and recovery time. It was a known issue, but she feels like since it was a cosmetic issue perhaps she should have skipped it.
—Guest Robin

Lifestyle Lift Nightmare

I had the lifestyle lift Jan 14th 2008. Its been a nightmare. Approximately 3 months after surgery my jowls sagged again. I have jagged scars in front of my ears, an uncontrollable itching and lumps behind my ears. It looks like my ears are sewn to the side of my face. I had a lifestyle lift manager tell me there was absolutly no change and a doctor from the same practice tell me there was minimal change and I would get a refund. As of today, NO REFUND, and what they did to me can be fixed but will cost much more money that I dont have at this time. -- taken from user comments, About.com plastic surgery Lifestyle Lift blog - user Diane, October 13, 2008
—Guest Diane

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