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Readers Respond: Did You Gain Weight After Liposuction?

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Updated April 02, 2010

Have you had liposuction and found that it's harder to keep weight off since your surgery? Do you feel that you've put weight on in new areas that were not treated in your surgery? Or do you think it's all a lot of baloney (or a lot of cheesecake, as the case may be)? Do you regret having liposuction because you blame it for your weight gain afterward? Or maybe you feel the opposite way? Maybe your liposuction results have kept you motivated to stay in shape so you can maintian your new sleeker physique? Tell us what you think about weight gain after liposuction.

Weight Gain is not BECAUSE of lipo

Lipo is a body sculpting tool. It does NOT help you lose weight. Please understand that there is a HUGE difference between weight and appearance. Also, fat weighs WAAAAY less than muscle. The standard lipo procedure removes approximately 2.5-5 litres of fat. That's about 2-5 lbs. MAX. Also, just because you get lipo doesn't mean you can eat whatever you want. If that's why you do lipo, you'll be VERY disappointed. I did lipo about 5 weeks ago. I already see results. I have hereditary "issues" in my hips, abdomen, tummy and bra roll areas and the doc didn't even think he could totally solve them, but I see a HUGE difference. It takes 6 months to see full results. But that doesn't mean I can eat like a cow. Right now, I am not 100% happy with the way I look, but it's only been 5 weeks. Duh! I am swollen and achy, but I get better everyday. And to anyone who is afraid of or experiencing swelling, get yourself some Arnica. It will help you get rid of that.
—Guest Amy

No Lipo - Be Happy With What You Are

I did liposuction for a different reason. I was obese as a child but became active in h.school/college, lost all the weight and was considered well built, although I had too much solid subcutaneous fat in torso and chest especially, which caused shoulder and upper back problems. My joints were lax and hypermobile and I felt that no matter the weight training and good eating, it always went to the fats. So I did body liposuction also as an alternative to breast/chest fat reduction surgery (hoping my arms would not be as numb, and my joints would have meat when I start gaining fats elsewhere in my body). Although it feels like a heavy burden was taken off my chest area and my shoulders/upper back were better, overall it became easy to gain weight. The fats that made me sweat or feel full were gone, I tended to eat, I bulked up, but weight gained is still weight. V-shape is gone. Subcutaneous fat is responsible for hormone equilibrium in the body. You need it. Love it.
—Guest can relate

Weight Gain after Liposuction

I had liposuction 12 months ago and I loved the results. I am a mature female who has gone through menopause and put on weight. I have a healthy lifestyle and an excellent diet. I do, however, suffer from anxiety and stress. I have now ballooned around my waist area and appear quite square and I am so concerned about it I am about to have liposuction again. I am now terrified that next time I will balloon even larger. At no stage did I read that this could happen. I certainly did not expect it and my money has been spent. It was a considerable sum and now I will be saving each year to go back again as I cannot remain the size I am. I am truly confused about this procedure now and am wondering if I should be having surgery instead.
—Guest Erika Jackson

Liposuction Was a Disappointment

I had lipo 5 years ago - inner and outer thigh and hips. I'm pear shaped and have always had large thighs but a very small waist. I was never told that you would gain in other places. I have put on 2 inches in my waist, and the fat pocket that was the most troubling on my right outer thigh, has returned. My thighs look worse now than they did before. Every time I look at myself in the mirror I could cry. If only I could turn back the clock, I would never have had this done. I work out 5-6 days a week and eat healthy most of the time (even before lipo) so I figured this would be the only way to lose the thighs.
—Guest Sylvia T. - 59

Fatter After Stomach Lipo

It has been 6 months since I had liposuction on my stomach and love handles. My stomach is now bigger than it was before the surgery and lumpy in the lower abdomen area. I am hitting the gym and working out hard now but my stomach just won't go down. I look much worse then I did before the surgery.
—Guest Jenny

Weight Gain Faster After Liposuction

I went from pear shape to apple shape.I would prefer to be a pear again, at least I had a small waist.I had surgery on outer thighs. Surgery made my thighs too flat. I lost that feminine curve and gained weight in belly area, back, and arms. I look manly now. My skinniess only lasted three months, and I didn't lose any weight. My sister also had lipo with the same results. Her doctor told her for some people lipo just does not work, (genetics i guess). If i knew i would not have done it. I went from 34b bra,25 in waist, 40in hips to 38c bra,34in waist 44in hips. I hate it!
—Guest Diane

Lipo Doesn't Make You Gain Weight

I lost 90 pounds and was 110 pounds when I did a tummy tuck, lipo on thighs and a thigh plasty 10 years ago. 10 years later, I am 105 pounds and my body has never or felt better. you need to sort out your eating habits and weight fluctuations first before considering liposuction. It's a procedure to help you contour your body and shape up so you feel good about your body. It's not a procedure to help you lose weight.
—Guest Lindsay

Don't Do It - Liposuction = Weight Gain

I had a little pot belly after having my first daughter, so I decided to get lipo on it as well as my inner thighs. Needless to say I was a size 9-10 back then 7 years ago. I am now a size 16 and no matter what I do I can't lose weight. I have a very large puffy face, and went from a size 36 B bra size to a 38 C. Everyone I haven't seen recently doesn't even recognize me!
—Guest Deborah

Lipo Makes You Fatter. Do Not Do It!

I've gotten lipo everywhere and I blew up on my chest and arms. I weigh 20 pounds more than I should and my body is top heavy. My back also is enlarged. All my friends who got lipo are also top heavy in the back, chest and arms. Doctors should be stopped. Lipo is a farce. You gain the weight back twice is fast! So not do it!

Liposuction - A VERY Bad Idea!

I decided to have lipo after the birth of my 3rd child. I hap lipo on my stomach so that it would appear to be slim when I wore my shirts or a swim suit, it has now been 6 months since the procedure and I have gained 20+ pounds being bigger now than I was before! I also have to take meds for my thyroid and insulin which i had never had a problem with before. My body is out of whack now and it seems that just exercising would have been the better solution! I terribly regret getting the procedure done because now I am working twice as hard to get the weight off and my stomach isn't even close to being flat! I feel like a total fool that paid all that money to gain weight with a whole lot of pain and soreness! Please try everything possible to try to lose weight before even considering this procedure! I will never ever do this again,and will not advise anyone to do this! I am so embarrassed at what has happend to me I will not even tell anyone that I've even had the procedure!
—Guest SAM

Lipo and Tummy Tuck

I had lipo and a tummy tuck done out of the country. It truly changed my life. I went from a size 22 to a size 8; however, I had complications and resulted with a bad scar. I went back to fix the scar and have lipo of arms upper back and inner thighs. I went down to a size 6, but now 2 years later I'm back up to size 8 and 10. I feel my arms are still a little thick, and sometimes I wonder if I am gaining weight in other parts of my body. Bad eating habits definitely creep up. Perhaps the mentality of just going back to do more isn't so healthy. How quickly one forgets the pain and suffering one goes through with these procedures - you promise yourself to never forget but you do. However, I don't regret it at all despite the complications and the scars and continue to try to be PA, but struggle every day with food choices.

Weight Gain After Liposuction

I had lipo 1 year ago on my stomach and love handle area. You definitely do gain weight after surgery.
—Guest donna lewis

Lipo Did Not Cause Weight Gain

I had lipo on my thighs ankles and midriff 15 years ago. It changed my life. I was a 22 went down to a 4, it was just the push I needed. I went to the best doc in Beverly Hills, he is"old school", very experienced. As far as growing older, as long as you do bio-identical hormones and keep an eye on your thyroid, no reason you cannot stay really slim. I did it. Blessings to you all, its worth it, to feel better. A great therapist I know said, "A man needs to do good to feel good, but a woman needs to feel good to do good." I agree!
—Guest kelly

Liposuction Led to High Cholesterol

I am a 54 year old female who had liposculture about 4 years ago and I think I have vascular problems and high cholesterol after I had the surgery. I also regained the weight again plus about 10 lbs. I am not taking any medication and I am trying to eat healthier and excersize. I felt like the swelling never went away. I have a big scar on the left side of my waistline and don't see the difference in my body. I feel numb still on all the areas where I had the procedure, and also I feel like I'm retaining water. My surgery was done in Tijuana Baja with a very good Plastic Surgeon with a very good reputation, certified by the Board of Plastic Surgeons in Mexico. I need to know how many times a lipo can be done and if I should have another surgery.
—Guest maria

Liposuction Caused My Weight Gain

I had lipo 10 years ago and gained weight rapidly afterwards. I had less than 1 liter removed. I had gone in for some smoothing of trouble spots on my thighs and thought I would have my stomach contoured while I was at it. Which was silly because there really wasn't anything to be concerned about there...until a year later when I had gained 15 lbs without changing pre-op diet or exercise routine. My surgeon suggested we re-do the tummy because now it really bothered me. My stomache had gotten fat looking and thicker, with lumps,and he said he would like to redo the thighs because they were lumpy. So I had the second surgery. Now I have an extra 40lbs on and lots of backfat that I never had. I have gone from a size 6 pre-op to a size 14/16!! I am now insulin resistant. I really feel it was the liposuction. Think hard before doing this procedure.
—Guest Estelle

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