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Readers Respond: Why Women Have Breast Lift Surgery

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Updated April 02, 2010

Has having children wreaked havoc on your once-perky breasts? Has significant weight loss left you with hanging skin? Or has gravity merely taken its expected toll? Do you have a special life event coming up (like a wedding or class reunion)? Or are you doing it just as a present for yourself?

Are you planning a breast lift as part of a "mommy makeover" along with other procedures like a tummy tuck, or are you maybe thinking about enhancing your newly lifted breasts with implants?

Share your plans and your reasons for considering breast lift surgery.

See breast lift before and after photos.

Breast Lift Wont Make Husband Faithful

Lady if you really believe having a breast lift will make your cheating husband swoon over you again, wow....! Getting your breasts done is about being sexy but if he has to cheat on you because of your breasts sagging, you need a new man. Theres more behind him cheating than your breasts. Get some help, pay for counseling AND a breastlift. I feel for you. Guide's Note: Usually, I don't encourage readers to respond to one another's posts here in this format. (That's what the forum and blog comments are for.) However, in this case, I must say that Rachel is absolutely right. Please don't look to plastic surgery as an answer to marital problems of any kind. It does not work and can only result in disappointment.
—Guest Rachel

Breast Lift and Implant Exchange

Please be careful about getting bigger implants just to correct sagging breasts. If a doctor tells you that bigger implants will fix the sagging breast, please run. You probably need a breast lift but the doctor won't tell you that he just wants to make a quick buck by putting in implants. Please believe me, bigger in that respect is not better and it only makes for big saggy breasts. I had to go back a second time and get a lift and implant exchange because the first implants were way too big for my body type. So $$$$$$$$ of money later I have smaller implants but also a breast lift. Yes there are scars but my breast and nipples are where they are supposed to be and I learned a very $$$$$$$ mistake that I do not want other women to have to go through. Also please take a few weeks from the time of your consult before you actually go for your surgery. I was in such a hurry I went one day and was in the hospital for the surgery the next. And research your doctor!!!!!! All are not good
—Guest Lady

Breast Lift for Sex Appeal

My husband cheats on me and the only thing that will help is a breast lift! I'm going for the biggest and the baddest!

Breast Lift and Breast Reduction

My breasts have become very heavy and they are sagging and extremely large and I am tired of paying so much for my undergarments
—Guest soulsista

Breast Lift After Nursing Two Babies

I nursed two babies for quite a while, and now am left with breasts that hang a little lower than I'd like. I can't really get away with going without a very supportive bra--ever! So I'm thinking about just getting a lift--I don't feel old enough to have what I consider 'old lady boobs' yet! I have a lot of time left!
—Guest Isabelle

Post-baby Breast Sag - Need a Lift

After my kids, my breasts just hang there, like they're dead or something. I'd love to have them back to the way they were before kids.
—Guest Anne

Sagging After Breastfeeding

I have had two kids and breastfed both of them for about a year. I loved the size of my breasts when I was nursing, but now they are withered and sagging and small! If I do get implants, they won't be huge, just enough to give me that lift and back to the size they were when I was nursing my babies.
—Guest Missy

High Implants, Low Nipples

I had breast implants many years before having kids. After the birth of my son, my breasts deflated and dropped, but the implants stayed where they were, way up high. It looks so weird! My biggest fear about a breast lift is the scar. I am really hoping that by inserting larger implants and maybe placing them lower, the surgeon will be able to get away with only using the "Benelli" incision, which just goes around the areola with no "Anchor" scar.
—Guest Rikki

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