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Readers Respond: Reasons for Getting a Face Lift (Surgical or Non-Surgical)

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Updated April 02, 2010

From the article: A Non-Surgical Face Lift?

I think we all want to look younger. Yet not everyone chooses to undergo cosmetic procedures to achieve this goal. So what is your reason for considering it?

Maybe you are tired of hearing that you look sad or tired. Maybe you have a class reunion coming up. Or perhaps you just need the ego boost that will come from the compliments you hope your younger-looking face will fetch. What are your reasons for considering a face lift? And why are you looking into a non-surgical face lift, as opposed to a traditional face lift?

Share your reasons.

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Never Ever Getting Plastic Surgery

I enjoy getting older, and I do not expect to look like how I did in my 20s. I've been doing facial exercises (facial magic, to be exact) for 10 years now and people say I look amazing! My skin looks plump and vibrant and I actually break out in sweat doing these facial exercises.
—Guest Stacy

Face Lift to Look Younger for Career

I am looking for a position and even though it is unjust and illegal, employers want youthful looking women.
—Guest Minerva

Either - Surgical or Non-Surgical

I'm desperate enough to get a full surgical facelift if necessary but it would be a dream come true to have it done non-surgically. Anesthesia is dangerous, clotting problems, fat embolism, hematoma, seroma, etc. If anyone wants a facelift I'd suggest doing it non-surgically. The only non-surgical facelift I have at the time is photoshop. :D Hope someone comes up with a way to do facelifts w/o the awful side effects of surgery.
—Guest suuzee

Suddenly Looking Old - Need a Face Lift

I just turned 60 and suddenly I look so old. My face and neck are wrinkled and sagging, my jaw line is down by my sagging neck. I swear my face was firm with very few wrinkles just last year. I have to do something inexpensive quick.
—Guest Judy

Mid Age Face Needs a Youthful Appearance

At age 41, while people think I am only 29-32, I still notice the little changes-the fine lines around my eyes, the deeper ones in my forehead and the dreaded ear wrinkles all have made their appearances. Oh, and the broken capillary I got 15 years ago after a night of heavy drinking. I want a youthful glow again. I want to steal a few years back. I want my makeup to go on smoothly under my eyes where the tissue is getting a little crepe-like. I want people's jaws to drop a little lower when I tell them I am 41. Yeah!
—Guest Sheryl Diane

Will Face Lift Stop Me From Looking Mean

I am 52 and my skin is in good shape but I'm starting to get jowls. If I'm not smiling I look mean and I am so opposite from being mean.
—Guest Karen

Face Lift to Remove Chicken Neck

I am 72, and to anyone I tell my age always say that I don't look that old. The only thing that does give away my age is the 'chicken neck'.
—Guest william

Want Face to Match Body

I work out 3-4 times a week and take care of myself but have no control over a face that it sagging and doesn't match my young body appearance
—Guest David

My Face Needs a Little Non-Surgical Lift

I was scheduled for a face lift but I have a neurological disorder in my jaw and neck. Once the surgeon saw my entire medical record, he said that he did not feel comfortable by taking the risk. Now I can't have surgery. I heard that Titan doesn't work well so I am looking for someone to tell me otherwise.
—Guest Karen

Non Surgical Face Lift to Match Fit Body

My body is in the best shape it has been in years I work out regularly and have been for 2 yrs but my face at age 52 is getting jowls and has sagged I am afraid of that too tight look a full face lift sometimes produces I don't want to look 20 but I would love to look 45 and think Thermage or Titan could produce that.
—Guest A J Costin

Tighten Up Skin After Weight Loss

I was involved in a car accident a few years ago and I had gained 100lbs. I was on all types of medication. I have now lost all the weight I had put on while I was injured however; the skin on my face looks a little well...loose and I want to tighten it up.
—Guest G

Feeling Old - Will a Face Lift Help?

I just turned 41 and my husband is 6 years younger, I have a 2 year old and never seem to get the sleep I need. I see women he went to school with and then really feel old. I need a pick me up and I need it N O W. I always knew I would get a facelift when I hit my 50's, but I have a few years. I love that I have other choices besides the knife.
—Guest Debra

Just need a little something

Less is more....so if I can spend less money, take on less risk and have good results, I'll start with the non-invasive procedures. I do not have sick leave or a lot of vacation time in my line of work and can't have the "down time" required with surgery.
—Guest Sheryl

Tired of Looking Tired - Need a Lift

I never thought I would consider a facelift. However, I am now 58 and I would love to look rested and energized when I actually feel that way. It is so dissappointing to workout, sleep well, but still look like you need a good nights sleep. As for non-surgical procedures, I do not believe in overdoing anything and surgery is just too risky for cosmetic purposes.
—Guest Diane

Go For Non Surgical Face Lift

I am 52. The image of myself in my head and in the mirror did not match. I didn't want to be cut so I had Thermage. WONDERFUL! I am a month and a half out from having it and already I see a huge improvement. I think the experience of the doctor made the difference. I am soooooo happy! The image in the mirror and in my head now match. I can't wait to see the end result since it is supposed to improve over a 6 month period. Awesome!
—Guest Terry

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